Mr. Tandin Dorji on wheelchair presenting the perspective of persons with wheelchair users.

The National Policy for Persons with Disabilities was approved by the government on 19 th August 2019. Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) as a lead agency will coordinate and implement plans, policies and programmes related to disability.
Hence, GNHC in collaboration with Disabled Persons’ Association of Bhutan (DPAB) organized two days Disability Equality Training (DET) from 27 th – 28 th October,2020 in Norkhil Boutique Hotel, Thimphu with the support from Save the Children. The participants were invited from Policy and Planning Division of nine Ministries excluding Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the first day and on the second day participants were invited from Development Partners, Thimphu Thromde and Bhutan Paralympic Committee. All the participants were from agencies who are involved and supports in implementation of activities related to persons with disabilities. The training is also a part of an activity from action plan in capacity building and creating awareness amongst civil servants on how to care for and interact
with persons with disabilities (PWDs). The objective of the training is to build capacity of sectors/agencies who are involved in implementation of activities related to PWDs, create awareness and sensitize policy makers and development partners on the issues faced by the PWDs, facilitate participants in making their plans and policies inclusive of PWDs and understand disability and mainstream disability
concept into service they provide. The ultimate goal of DET is to change societal attitudes to become just, equal and inclusive, where full participation and equality for persons with disabilities are assured. The use of PWDs as a trainer is a fundamental part of working towards a positive change in attitude of participants.

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